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Established 1996

Servicing South and East Kent

We offer a mobile dent repair service.
We do not require power; just our selection of specialist tools.
We repair at your home, place of work, or at a partnering bodyshop.

Whatever is most convenient for you.



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What Is Paintless Dent Removal? (PDR)

It's happened to all of us at some point: that annoying little dent right in the middle of a car door or the bonnet, marring an otherwise perfect, beautiful paint job. It might have been an errant ball throw, windblown debris, a car door edge or any other minor annoyance, but the results are the same: a couple days in the car bodyshop, and several hundred pounds in costs.

For these unfortunate occasions, we offer the perfect solution: PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL (PDR). This technique is fast (it only takes a matter of hours), cheaper (at a fraction of the cost of traditional repair methods), and in almost every case completely removes the damaged area, so you can hardly remember where the dent was in the first place.

The methods behind PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL are surprisingly simple. The technician won't have to replace whole panels or even do any repainting. They just get to the back portion of the dent through an opening (for example through the window gap when it is down, a grommet under a wheel arch, or by briefly removing a panel in the interior).

From there, PDR tech's use their special tools to massage the metal back into place. With reflector boards (which shows even the tiniest imperfection in the metal), glues that don't damage the paint, and some specially-designed rods and picks, they gently ease the metal back to its original form. In this way, you won't have to pay for repainting the area, because the original paint will still be there, and look as good as it did on the day you bought the car. 

Though the principle behind PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL is straightforward enough, a highly-skilled technician is still needed to get flawless results. The method requires high levels of skill and patience, to manually probe, tap and adjust each dent in the metal, a millimeter at a time.

PDR is not viable for any kind of dent, accident collisions should go into a paint shop. But it is good for small to medium-sized COSMETIC DINGS in your car's body. Some dents are classed as sharp: the middle of the dent has become so stretched by the object that hit it, the paint will crack in attempting a repair. Some dent locations, (even if the dent is very small) may cause some access problems. But in general, if the dent can be reached or pulled and is not overly sharp; then an effective repair can be obtained. 


Choosing our reputable PDR company to perform your dent removal means that you get service above and beyond the ordinary. As long as your dent falls within the specified criterion, all workmanship is guaranteed. You can expect your car to return to its former condition and stay that way. 

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About Dent Demon

Trained and then employed by DentMaster(uk) ltd in early 1996.
Self-employed since December 1997.

For the last 25 years I have worked throughout Kent. During this time I can include over 100 franchise garages and repair bodyshops in my portfolio as regular customers.

Over the last few years; I have reduced my client base to a small group of regular motor trade customers. This now allows me to offer them better and more responsive services; and also generates the opportunity for me to offer (this once trade only service) to the general public. 

Paintless Dent Repair is not an exact science and each dent is unique. Although I can say that my repair success rate is well over 95%; I cannot promise that every dent is repairable by this method. In some cases, a compromise for a 90 - 95% restore (depending upon its original size) is accepted in light of the savings when compared to the £100's of pounds that a bodyshop would charge to effect an only slightly better finish. 

Through any communication we have ( I will sometimes ask for a photo if possible); I will endeavour to obtain the best description of the damage. I can then fall back on 25 years of experience and 1000's of dent repairs to offer you the correct advice as to whether PDR is the appropriate action to facilitate and effect your repair. 

My apologies. My contact form is currently under rebuild....

Please send any photo's with a brief note to my email address : Thank you